Calandrino offers typical Tuscan dishes and specialities, as well as a fresh seafood menu on request. We prepare all of our dishes with carefully selected quality ingredients.

The meat and seafood menu is rich and varied, taking you on a journey through the colours, aromas and flavours of Tuscan cuisine with simple but genuine recipes.

To start, you could order our tasty starter of typical Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses, followed by delectable pastas and delicious meat dishes.

Wild boar stew, T-bone steak, and mixed grills prepared over a wood-burning fire in the old fireplace: just as tradition would have it!

Our selection of homemade desserts includes hot chocolate cake, apple dumpling, and many others sweet specialities.

All of our products are Italian, sourced locally, and of the best quality.

We have gluten-free ingredients for our guests who suffer from coeliac disease.

Calandrino is also a pizzeria, where you can enjoy our selection of fragrant pizzas, all prepared with first choice ingredients: fresh vegetables, cheeses and top quality seasonings.

As with the restaurant menu, the Casole d’Elsa pizzeria offers a wide selection of pizzas.

You will find approximately 20 mouth-watering pizzas on the menu, but our inspired pizza makers enjoy inventing new combinations and preparing special pizzas with fresh seasonal ingredients and seasonings.